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RT @R_DesaiOfficial: Congratulations­čĺÉ
The cleanest #railway stations in the #India are in #Gujarat.
https://t.co/peaStQPGIY https://t.co/zC1x76jcbO

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  1. Oooh man- tips are hard! My tip- neufchatel cheese. It’s good in everything, I like it on toast, I like it mixed into pasta sauces instead of (more) butter or heavy cream, I even put it into my scrambled eggs. Cream cheese makes everything better!

  2. No, sorry. LIKE our facebook page and you’ll be updated when they are in season. Or you can go to our blueberry tab and see how to sign up for our newsletter.

  3. T-pain is amazing… His beats are pretty tight. Why can’t you people respect others that throw out some pretty decent music. Your just jealous, because T-pain can actually sing, has good beats, and made auto tune. So just back off of the best artists.

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